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Web Hosting & Domain Registration

Every website must be hosted somewhere, but not just anywhere! Reliable and fast website hosting is critical to keep your presence on the world wide web 24 hours a day.


Which hosting provider, web hosting services and domain names do you need?


WebSight Solutions will provide you with the services you need on servers that can be trusted. Web hosting services can either be just setup for a one-time charge or we can totally manage the domain registration and web hosting on your behalf including support for an all-inclusive annual fee. Existing domain names can be transfered.


Domain registration and web hosting services are provided via leading internet service providers that we have tried, tested and recommend. Here are just some fully managed website hosting options available...


SME Business Web Hosting

A entry level website hosting package for static website with 10 email accounts.


£90 per year

Enterprise Business Web Hosting

The most popular website hosting option that includes a database for use with content management systems and includes geolocalisation.


£120 per year

Professional Business Web Hosting

Everything you would need from a shared server business website hosting.


£200 per year


A hosting package is available for hosting a domain name that is just used for email. The email hosting account costs £50 per year.


Are you ready to setup your website hosting, email accounts and register your domain?

Contact us to register a domain name or set up website hosting. Or for a website hosting consultation call 01536 609010.

Domain Name Registration

A wide range of domain name extensions are available including domain names for different countries, type of organisation or individual or a combination of both. Here are a few examples...


Worldwide Domains
Companies - .com

Organisations - .org

Network providers - .net

Personal - .me

Information sites - .info

Businesses - .biz

TV channels - .tv

Mobile sites .mobi

Travel sites - .travel


United Kingdom Domains

.co.uk .org.uk .ltd.uk .me.uk

.uk.com .uk.net .gb.com .gb.com


European Domains

.eu .eu.com


Other Country Domains

Ireland - .ie

France - .fr

Germany - .de

Spain - .es

Italy - .it

Canada - .ca

Contact us regarding other country specific domain names.


Generally the main domain name is registered as part of a web hosting package and included in the cost. Additional domain names can be registered to redirect to a main website for example www.websight-solutions.co.uk redirects to www.websight-solutions.com.


WebSight Solutions Kettering

tel: +44 (0)1536 609010
tel: +44 (0)7766 207400


WebSight Solutions was originally started back in 1999 in Kettering, Northamptonshire as a creative website design agency to not only design and create websites but also provide the complete internet service including e-commerce sites, mobile sites, email marketing, website hosting, search engine optimisation. WebSight Solutions Kettering, UK.


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