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Your website will be your shop window to the world quite literally given the nature of the World Wide Web. It is essential that you have the ability to control the content of your site, which can include industry news, special offers and product and pricing information. 

The most cost effective way of doing this is through an easy to use content management system. Through content management you can have control over the product details you display, the words and often also the pictures used. As well as editing the words you will be able to change things like the colour of text. You can highlight specific words using bold or different colours and you can make text larger or smaller to emphasise particular points. 

Zarr’s content management system operates similarly to Microsoft Word, so it is easy to use. The beauty of a content managed website is control and immediacy. Your changes are displayed as soon as you complete them. 

Controlling the content on your site not only allows you to add up to date information, like your Christmas opening hours or delivery dates but a regularly updated website will instill confidence with visitors and improve your search engine rankings. 

Content management gives you maximum control of your website. 

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For more information about the Zarr Content Managment solution contact us by telephone, email, or complete our online enquiry form. Zarr can show you how the content management system works and you can even try out a few basic changes for yourself.

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